Recipe roasted pepper starter

marekt peppers

Half  a red pepper per person
4 or 5 cherry or baby plum tomatoes per person
1 or 2 black olives per person
Half a teaspoon of capers per person
Olive oil


Slice the peppers in half lengthways, removing the seeds, but retaining the stalk if possible (purely aesthetic) and place cavity side up into an oiled brulee dishes or similar shallow ovenproof dish

Fill the cavity with either whole tomatoes, or cut in two if too big

Break up the olives and scatter them between the tomatoes

Fill any spaces with the capers

Roughly break up the mozzarella and scatter this on the top

Drizzle with a good glug of olive oil

Place on a baking tray and cook in a medium oven for around 30 minutes

I usually put a part baked baguette in the oven at the same time so that it is nice and crusty to eat alongside and mop up any juices……….


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