Chocolate Pots

And now for the English contender to my chocolat fondant………My French step daughter, when I told her about this challenge asked me if I was going to make ‘chocolate flavored jelly’! They think that they have the monopoly on chocolate desserts, but this is one of my failsafe, stock recipes that I have made for around 20 years, long before I came to live in France.

Simple beyond belief, but served up elegantly it cannot fail to impress – this recipe is for 6 ‘pots’ do not be tempted to think that they are rather meager portions and make 4, they are quite rich so less is definitely more, plus they do not set so well in larger dishes.

I have used brandy in this recipe, but this is optional. I have also made this dessert with a little ‘kick’ of chili (ground flakes), and a hint of lime juice to ring the changes – be creative and let me know what variations you come up with.

choc pots

Makes 6

1/2 a pint of single crème/260ml crème fluide (I used Emlea when in the UK)

150g dark cooking chocolate, broken into squares

50g milk cooking chocolate, broken into squares

The higher the dark chocolate content, the richer and stiffer the dessert.

If making this for children I use 50% dark and 50% milk, to give a creamier, mousse like texture; so adjust quantities to taste.

2 large egg yolks, very lightly mixed with a small hand whiskor fork

1 teaspoon/1 cuillere de café brandy

knob of butter


Warm the crème very gently in a nonstick saucepan

Add the chocolate and melt slowly making sure that it is completely melted and that no grainy particles remain (it should appear smooth and glossy – if you overheat it, it will thicken and become fudgy)

Add the brandy and the butter and remove from the heat

Add the egg a little at a time, mixing quickly

Pour immediately into your chosen dish (not to big)

I like to serve this desert in little porcelain coffee cups, as in the photo and surprise guests who think that you are giving them a cup of hot chocolate!

I have shared this recipe (my own creation) with so many friends over the years and all have found it a great success!


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