Lindy’s lovely lemon butter


To follow on from my lemon theme (see Tarte au Citron a l’Anglaise) I thought I’d post this very simple time saving tip of what to do with lemons……….

By simply mixing a quantity of butter in a basin with the zest of one or two lemons (depending on the quantity of butter or how ‘lemony’ you like it!) then rolling it into fat sausage in cling film (film alimentaire)

This can be kept either in the fridge, or freezer if wanting to keep it for longer (I put it in the fridge first and cut it into 1 ½ “ 2cm disks and separate them with a disk of greaseproof paper (papier sulfurise) if freezing, so that they can be removed easily)

I use this to fry the trout in my ‘Pan fried Trout with Courgette Tagliatelle’ (and can also be used to make a lemony Hollondaise sauce!) and also in my Tarte au citron l’Anglaise. I also use it to make ‘sole meuniere’, to stir fry green beans (haricots verts) and to simply melt over chicken, fish or vegetables before serving to add a nice ‘tangy’ glaze

Do not stop at lemons – limes work equally well, as does garlic (Super for making ‘garlic mushrooms’ and for frying steak) and finely chopped fresh herbs (but you must use the herb butter within a few days or freeze it)


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