Cheats Lime Panna Cotta with forest fruits

 Lime Panna Cotta-1

As an ‘antidote’ to all the chocolate that is consumed over the Easter period, I thought that I would post a nice, light, simple dessert, and address a major cultural issue at the same time…….

Every time English food is mentioned to a French person, they pull a face and say that they do not like English food. The primary reason being that “they do not like jelly”!!!!! (and the second that we eat ‘jam’ and fruit with cheese)

Now, I do not know about you, but the only time that I have ever eaten jelly in my life was at birthday parties when I was 6 or 7, when the strawberry variety was served in paper dishes with dollop of ‘Dream Topping’………..either that or when my mother served up a ‘Trifle in a box’ after Sunday lunch, complete with fruit soaked in jelly……

Personally, I hate the stuff when served like this, but I do find it rather useful in cooking, and this is one of 3 or 4 recipes in which I incorporate it……

Although I can find ‘Robinsons’ jelly in the local ‘Franprix’ and they also sell it at ‘W.H. Smiths (yes you read that right) on the rue de Rivoli, it is extortionately priced, so I usually get guests to bring me a couple of packets when they visit……….

This is not strictly a ‘panna cotta’ in the true sense of being ‘cooked cream’ but it certainly fooled at least two French dinner guests that it was exactly that, and it was such a smug moment for me when I finally revealed that they were in fact eating the dreaded jelly…….


serves 4

1 lime jelly melted in 150 ml of boiling water

300ml crème fraiche

½ teaspoon of icing sugar (sucre en poudre)

1 egg yolk whisked until ‘frothy’



Allow the jelly to cool, but not set

Add the icing sugar to the crème fraiche and stir into the jelly, then use a hand blender for a short burst on the lowest speed just to ensure that there are not lumps

Fold in the egg yolk

Pour into serving dishes and cool in the fridge for around 4 hours

Top with either fresh or frozen ‘fruits of the forest’ (les fruit rouges’)

This is not an ‘all out’ Lime flavour, just a subtle hint, so it keeps more of a ‘panna cotta’ type taste.

If you find forest fruits a little too sharp, then fresh strawberries work very well, when in season…….


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