Versatile Blogger Award

wpid-versatile-blogger.jpgFirstly thank you very much ‘Natascha’s Palace’ aka ‘Madrid Chick’ ( for nominating me. Like me she is an Anglo Saxon ex-pat living in a Latin world and infusing a Mediterranean flavour into her cooking – yum!

I am very new to this, so hope I get this right………..

I have had such a wonderful experience so far; feeling the thrill of being read in 14 countries (and counting!) and meeting such a great gang of talented, creative, inspiring and supportive fellow bloggers – this has opened up a whole new world that I had no idea existed, as I only begun doing this to satisfy demands from family and friends on both sides of the channel to publish my recipes……..

Although I am not producing great literature, I am writing again (I’d fallen off the wagon a while back…..) and have begun a new found pastime – photography – again, I am not producing great photos (yet) but at least I now Know what ‘depth of field is’!

Seven facts about me (Apart from obvious love of cooking and eating!)

1) I love reading and feel totally lost without a book. My all time favourite is ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte, and my favourite modern author is ‘Tan Twan Eng’ author of ‘The Garden of Evening Mists’ and ‘The gift of Rain’ I am impatiently awaiting his next book 

2) I am a lapsed writer, and have had many short stories published in National magazines in the past and have won many short story competitions.  

3) I love travel – especially exploring cities and looking around interesting buildings and churches and museums. I love visiting the many chateaux and gardens around Paris.

vaux le v

Chateau ‘Vaux le Vicomte’ near Paris the chateau that inspired Versailles

4) I love the theatre, especially musical theatre, and this is one of the things that I miss most about the UK. I go every time I am over there, and saw ‘Dirty Dancing’ last weekend while I was back in Liverpool and took a French friend to see ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Wicked’ in London last month 

5) I love the sea and am descended from a long line of pirates (truly!) one of whom is documented having captured a number of French ships, my partner said to me when we first met, that my ancestors captured French ships and I had captured a French heart! I always lived in site of the sea, so moving to Paris was difficult for me, but now I live on the banks of the lovely river Marne, and have a limited view of it from my kitchen and bedroom window. 


River Marne near my home

6) Like Natascha, I have a little friend to help in the kitchen (she has Flaubert the bear – I have Willow the cat!)  


7) My dream is to travel from Paris to Venice on the Orient Express (all dressed up like someone from an Agatha Christie novel)

So there you are – now for my nominations. As I move in a limited circle at the moment, some of you have probably already been nominated before – being SO talented, I am sure that you have, so not sure how that works…….

My nominees are:- – This was the very first blog that I started to follow and Angie has given me a lot of encouragement – thank you – This is another ‘accidental’ blog (as mine) but it is bursting at the seams with sumptuous photography. Another food blog with a close link to gardening, sheer delight! – Los of recipe and craft ideas and super tips on blogging – Friendly intimate writing style that makes you feel like you are talking with a friend when you read Becca’s blog – great recipes, with great photos too…. – Lovely simple no fuss food and some informative restaurant reviews too, gorgeous easy on the eye blog.

Goan imports AKA Nandini – Just gorgeous, being a curry fanatic, I want to make everything on this site!

Bades Escapes – really cool travel blog from a pair of adventurers who take amazing photos!

Edge of humanity Magazine at – These guys just pull everything that interests me together in one place, so diverse and inspirational with superb black and white photography. – A lovely ‘Asian fusion’ blog from Geri in Singapore – who is enticing me to go over there………and when you see her food, you will want to got too! – I love the embracing of nature in this blog, combining the arts of gardening and cooking – and even including some edible flowers! – Lovely ‘wholesome’ cooking with some wonderful flavour combinations of jams and preserves amongst many other goodies. – I discovered this talented lady by accident and I am sure glad that I did – she has set the standard in photography that I would love to attain someday. – I don’t know how I missed this blog, but only found it today while looking for the above address – wonderful inspirational blog – I particularly like the section on ‘inspirational women’ – I love everything on this newly discovered site, some gorgeous recipes with pictures to match and lots of ‘cheats’ tips – a girl after my own heart!

I’m sorry that I have only posted 13 and not the required 15, but I’m quite selective by nature so am still building up the blogs that I am following……….


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