Lindy’s Strawberry Chantilly



As promised, here is my surprisingly light ‘Chantilly’ to serve with ‘salade de fruits’ if you feel the need of something a little bit creamy………

Traditionally ‘Chantilly’ is a very light whipped cream which takes its name from the lovely historic town to the north of Paris, which also gives its name to the famous race course and the magical fairy tale castle nestling in a small lake, parts of which dates back to the 16th century.


The lovely chateau Chantilly

The chateau is surrounded by gorgeous gardens designed by ‘Andre La Notre’ who also designed the parks and gardens at ‘Fountainbleu’ (my absolute favorite chateau – I MUST do a feature on chateaux near Paris………) Vaut-le-Vicomte (see my post the ‘Versatile Bloggers Award’), St-cloud, St-Germain and of course, the jewel in his crown, Versailles.


This recipe was born out of my inner ‘Frenchness’ making it impossible for me to throw anything away – even the over ripe strawberries at the bottom of the punnet!

I simply zapped them up with a good tablespoon of crème fraiche and then, finding a forlorn abandoned egg white in the fridge left over from making my ‘chocolate pots’, I simply whisked that up with a tiny teaspoon of castor sugar until it was making gentle ‘peaks’, then folded it into the strawberry/crème fraiche mixture and served it immediately whilst still very light and fluffy…………………………………..

And as Wimbledon is almost upon us – why not serve this up with some Champagne – as I did………


Game, set and match!


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