Lindy’s Strawberry ice-cream

IMGP0804 (2)

As I said in my last post for ‘Lindy’s strawberry Chantilly’ this is a good way of using up the not too good strawberries lurking in the bottom of the plastic ‘punnet’. (One way around this is buy your strawberries fresh from the market in wooden trays, where there are none to be found lurking underneath. Better still, pick them fresh yourself!)


Succulent strawberries fresh from the market with no nasty surprises


This ice cream however was born out of over ripe, left over strawberries. I simply zapped them in a food processor with two heaped tablespoons of crème fraiche and one tablespoon of mascapone chees. Then poured the mixture into an empty ice cream tub and put it in the freezer for around four hours (removing every hour or so and breaking up any ice particles with a fork.)

Perfect with some actual strawberries and a sprig of freshly picked mint – Go on indulge yourself………



2 thoughts on “Lindy’s Strawberry ice-cream

  1. Four Pesky Hobbits Mama says:

    Yum! It looks lovely, must give this a try now strawberries are available here in the UK, I love eating in season x

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