LINDY’S WINDOW BOX SALAD (salade composee)

IMGP0959 (2)

To follow on from my last post (Fish with Feta cheese). Here is my ‘garden salad’ (but as I only have a window box and some pots I had to change the name………) To be honest for this particular salad, only the radish came from our pots, but we have succeeded in growing both cucumbers and green peppers from seed, but this year’s offerings are not yet ready.

My pride and joy however is a little ‘batave’ lettuce that I am growing in a drinking glass. (I saw this trick on the t.v. and though that it would never work, but lo and behold, it is!)

IMGP0966 (2)

‘Cedric’ my baby lettuce

But alas ‘Cedric’ (yes I have named the lettuce) is far too small to put into a salad, so I took a trip to the market instead and came back with this beauty (now that I have got the hang of it, shopping in the local market is a joy – see my post on Paris markets, to see that this was not always the case…..)


I love the vibrant green colour and crispy texture of the salad and the addition of a handful of pine kernels and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese, just give it a little twist, and it compliments perfectly the soft texture and delicate colours of the fish.

serves 2

4 crisp fresh lettuce leaves roughly chopped with a plastic lettuce knife (if you cut lettuce with a metal knife then you will get oxidisation and a bitter taste and discolouring. (I always refresh it in some iced water before drying in a salad spinner and tossing it in the dressing only immediately before serving)

½ a green pepper sliced into fine batons

¼ of a firm cucumber, sliced into cm disks (rondelles) then quartered

6-8 radishes sliced into disks (rondelles)

2 large spring onions (or 1 if exceptionally large and 4 if the trimmed uniform variety

A handful of lightly toasted pine nuts

A tablespoon of light olive oil (I used Oliviers & Co olive oil with mint)

A tablespoon of lemon juice (I used Oliviers & Co Origano condiment)

A little freshly ground sea salt and black pepper

A dessertspoon (cueiller de soupe) of freshly grated parmesan cheese)


Make the dressing by whisking together the oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper

Toss in the lettuce, making sure that it is well covered with the dressing

Add the pepper, radish, spring onions and pine nuts and gently toss

Sprinkle (saupoudre) with the grated parmesan and serve immediately

A little sliced celery could also be added to this salad if desired

This is the perfect accompaniment to my ‘Fish with feta cheese’ but is also delicious served alongside a quiche or even an omelette…………………………..


4 thoughts on “LINDY’S WINDOW BOX SALAD (salade composee)

  1. happinessandhazelnuts says:

    mouth-wateringly delicious!! I would love a bowl of that now for my lunch! Only recently started to eat radish, it is really yum:-) colours are very beautiful in your pictures. x

  2. Four Pesky Hobbits Mama says:

    What a fantastic idea! I never knew you could grow a lettuce in a glass, I must try this with the children-I love the name Cedric too 🙂 I have been lucky to grown some fresh spinach in my garden this year which is ready to eat, my cucumbers are still pretty small and I can’t wait to pick my beetroot….

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