Lindy’s Greek style salad


Well it is still too hot to actually cook anything, so I am taking full advantage of these ‘salad days’ and losing a few pounds along the way, I need too as I have two weeks of pasta and pizza looming in the shape of a holiday in Tuscany. We usually holiday in France or Greece, where the food is a lot lighter and has considerably less carbs – in fact at home we hardly eat any carbohydrates, as it is just not the French way.

When in Greece lunch normally consists of a lovely fresh Greek salad, complete with feta cheese. In France we have ‘fromage du brebis’ which is very similar in taste and appearance to Feta – maybe a little lest salty.

Anyone who has seen the film (or one woman play) ‘Shirley Valentine’ will remember the scene with Shirley tucking into a Greek salad alone at the water’s edge. Shirley Valentine was written by my extraordinarily talented former English teacher, the now world renowned author and playwright, Willy Russell. He once described me as ‘The poet of the school’, so it is probably no surprise that I am a writer (albeit FAR less famous and talented than he!)

SAM_2069 (2)

A perfect spot to eat a Greek salad – I can dream!

As I cannot take my lunch at a little table next to the sea ‘a la Shirley’, I will have to content myself with a little table next to my bedroom window offering a tantalizing little glimpse of the river – Ah and a little ouzo just to get me in the right mood………

per person

¼ of a block of Feta cheese

Chopped lettuce (I used a battave for its crispness and rich colour)

¼ of a cucumber

1 large tomato cut into 8

3-4 onion rings

1-2 green pepper rings

1-2 red pepper rings

3-4 black olives

A good glug of olive oil (I used Olivier & Co. olive oil with mint)

Lemon juice

A sprinkling of dried oregano


Simply ‘toss’ the lettuce with some of the olive oil and lemon juice.

Add the cucumber, tomato and olives

Add the cheese and sprinkle with the oregano and remaining olive oil

Garnish with the onion and pepper rings



2 thoughts on “Lindy’s Greek style salad

  1. Marti Cuatt says:

    This looks so lovely and fresh. You can’t go past a good Greek salad in summer can you. I’ve never put mint in mine (it looks like you’ve put a mint leaf on top), so I’ll try that when the warmer months kick back in. We’re currently in midwinter here in the southern states of Australia. Brrrr, frosty, icy mornings don’t really call for salads.

    • lindaravello says:

      Ah thank you Marti, yes, I did garnish it with a mint leaf that I plucked from the mint growing on my window box (you can see a photo of this if you follow the link below the recipe to my Window box salad. I did use to use basil flavoured oil and basil leaves, but the mint just gives it a fresher taste. I checked out your blog and love you lemon tart, I have posted one of those also – and I impressed some French colleagues who didn’t believe an English woman could make a ‘Tarte au citron’ I proved them wrong. Sounds like you need to get the soup on the go – a bientot!

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