How to eat ‘Franglais’

A Taste of two Cities

Bonjour tout le monde, I mentioned in my post for ‘Soupe de Moules’  (see blog under starters) a couple of tips on how to eat soup in Paris ( Never with wine and never with bread!) So I thought that I would share with you some table/restaurant etiquette* to stop you from making ‘faux pas’ when dining out in Paris, and that may even get you better service – or at least treated with a little more respect by the Parisian waiters!

Parisian waiters – are rare breed indeed, often seen as haughty, condescending or even downright rude, along with shop assistants and lets face it the French in general!

The first thing to learn is to let go of the Anglo-Saxon idea that ‘The Customer is always right’ and that we have the right to swan in and out of shops and restaurants as if we owned them, treating the staff as…

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