IMGP1168 (2)

Now this is a combination that you don’t hear every day – truly one of my ‘waste not want not’ creations.

This came about as I had some avocado left over from a salad starter and some cod that I didn’t know what to do with to liven it up, so I roughly mashed the avocado with some lemon juice a little sea salt but it was lacking something, so I reached for the tarragon mustard and added a teaspoon of that and simply spread it over the cod, then pan fried it in a very small amount of lemon butter (see my post for Lindy’s Lovely Lemon Butter) skin side down, then flipped it over for just a few minutes.

It was such a success that it got an ‘ah oui’ from Monsieur le Frog and I am planning to serve it to French dinner guests this Saturday with my ‘Lime Mousse Brulee’ (see my post for Lime Mousse Brulee) for dessert and some little ‘verrines’ for an apero/entrée (recipes to follow for the verrines)

Again, very quick, simple, economical and healthy, and very very tasty………


Lindy’s Lovely Lemon Butter


Lime Mousse Brulee

1003313_10200866290233317_1793268161_n[1] (2)

A selection of ‘Verrines’


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