(Bonjour. I am Lindy I have lived in the beautiful city of Paris since 2009, and I would like to share with you my personal top 10 things to do in Paris if you are visiting on a shoestring, or just if you want to get away from the madding crowd at the Eiffel tower!)

IMGP1712 (3)

All photographs by Lindy Kelly

6 – Paris by Night

They say that Paris is made for lovers – that may well be so, but I think that it is made for walkers – ‘Les Flaneurs’ – people who amble through the city from park to park, garden to garden, museum to museum, bookshop to bookshop, maybe stopping at the odd café on the way for essential refreshments and a spot of people watching.

The city begs to be walked. It draws you along seductively through narrow winding streets which reveal tantalising glimpses of one majestic building or another that you just have to reach, and lures you on to discover what wonder is lying behind the next corner. Equally the ‘Grands Boulevards’ distort all sense of distance and the miniature Arc de Triomphe which appears to be a mere  30 minute walk away from the Louvre, is in fact enormous and four times the distance that you imagined!

IMGP1684 (2)

Strolling by the banks of the Seine

This is no accident, it was in fact designed this way. I once commented to a Parisian friend of mine while we were on a four hour ‘stroll’ to wherever our feet took us, that we were in fact living in the oldest theme park in the world – she wholeheartedly agreed!

There are only a handful of varieties of trees lining the streets, the vast majority being plain trees that were originally planted throughout France by Napoleon to provide shade for his marching army. The second variety are the Lime trees (tilleuil) from which a popular tea in France is made.
This gives a uniformity to the city that further deceives the walker and tricks him into continuing along long these tree lined boulevards.
It is not only the trees: lamp posts, Morris Towers, fountains, even the chairs and tables on the pavement cafes, all follow a Parisian ‘dress code’ to give a seamless appearance to the city.

IMGP1715 (2)

Lovely little secluded Place Dauphine

Bearing this in mind, it is essential that you bring a comfortable pair of shoes with you when visiting Paris – leave the ‘Manolo Blahniks’ at home unless you are here for Paris fashion week and plan to go everywhere by taxi!

I particularly love walking in the evening in late spring/early summer or late summer/early autumn, when the temperatures are balmy, but the dusk arrives before 10, giving plenty of time to stroll around the city taking in the beautiful floodlit buildings and magical ambiance of the banks of the Seine and her bridges.

IMGP1671 (2)

Even the moon shines brighter in Paris

A favourite evening stroll of mine is from the ‘hill of St Genevieve’ in the 5th ‘arrondisssement’, where the beautiful ‘church of St Genevieve is floodlit’ (actually it is equally beautiful bathed in late evening sunlight). Continue pass the majestic ‘Pantheon’ and time it so that you arrive here on or just after the hour and you will be rewarded by a spectacular view of the ‘Eiffel Towe’r shimmering in all her glory.
Go straight ahead and take the small back street on the right after rue St Jacques and you will arrive at the ‘Sorbonne University’, where you can cut through the delightful café lined square to Boulevard St Michel.
Follow the road down to the imposing fountain and there on your right is ‘Notre Dame’ herself in all her floodlit glory.

IMGP1711 (3)

Romantic Pont Neuf

After this you can meander along the right bank past ‘Pont Neuf’ and the lovely ‘Acadamy Francaise’ and on to the ‘Louvre’ if your legs will carry you!

You can actually walk from the ‘Louvre’ to ‘Place de la Concorde’ and if you are a real ‘Flaneur’ on to the ‘Arc de Triomphe’. But this will be a true test of stamina………………

IMGP1719 (2)

It just wouldn’t be Paris without a sot of the Eiffel Tower!

(All Photographs that appear on this post are originals by Lindy Kelly, any reproduction requires her permission)


18 thoughts on “PARIS BY NIGHT

  1. lindaravello says:

    Thanks MIchelle, I think that Paris suits being in black and white, colour is too distracting.
    All packed and ready for the Alps/Italy road trip tomorrow……..(Tasia is going
    to put a couple of posts up for me while I’m away)

    • lindaravello says:

      Perfect time to stroll in the evenings, as it gets dark earlier.Ironically, I am in UK last week in October as it is half term and my daughter is a teacher (otherwise I could have treated you to a meal of your choice from here, and Marc could have showed you is wine cellar – I am not allowed down there!)

  2. Osyth says:

    I adore the shot titled ‘strolling by the Seine’ … I want to know the story of the couple – she in the full length tulle confection, he penguin suited and seemingly gazing as he clasps both her hands. It is so evocative …. so seductive 🙂

  3. Leigh twentyman says:

    Hi Linda I met you last week on a plane into Paris I was the one who was scared of flying.I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you after last night tragic events. I hope you are safe and my love and prayers go out to the lovely people of Paris xx

    • lindaravello says:

      Hello Leigh – yes I am fine thank you, just very very sad for all those directly affected by this Barbary.
      Thank you so much for this message, it is very much appreciated and please keep in touch
      much love Lindy xx

    • lindaravello says:

      Thank you Koko – I have just hada peek over at your place and it is amazing – I need you in my life to come and help me put up shelves! You’re cookery photos are far more professional than mine – I am flattered that you like what I do!.
      I need to get writing the final posts for my Paris top 10. Where are you? Too far to take a stroll around with me I guess?

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