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This is an adaptation of a recipe passed to me by my daughter, Tasia, who found it in a ‘Jamie Oliver’ cookbook.
I have incorporated grated carrot into the original recipe, and swopped lemon juice for lime juice as I think that lime compliments chilli better than lemon.

Usually when I make a ‘Julienne’ of carrots and courgettes, I lightly steam them to serve as a vegetable, I had never eaten uncooked courgette before and was a little sceptical, but Tasia, who had never eaten them raw either, assured me that it was delicious, so I gave it a go and it was!

I served it with pan fried trout, but I think that it would make a great salad to take on a picnic also.

Very simple and fresh (especially as I used organic carrot and courgette from the local farmer’s market) I am really enjoying eating lots of raw food in the form of salad, fruit and vegetables during these hot summer months.

To finish off this meal I served a fresh fruit salad of melon, peach, raspberries and figs (See my post for ‘salade de fruits’)

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Seasonal Fresh fruit salad, the perfect way to end a summer lunch or dinner (leftovers are a great start to the next day!)

Ingredients and Method
Serves 4

1 large courgette cut into ‘matchsticks’ (allumettes)

1 small carrot

10-12 large fresh mint leaves roughly chopped

1 medium red chilli, sliced into fine rings

1 tablespoon (2 cuillieres a soupe) of olive oil (I used Olivier & Co oilive oil with mint)

1 tablespoon (2 cuillieres a soupe) of lime (citron vert) or lemon (citron) juice

Simply toss all the ingredients together with the oil and juice and serve immediately – Try it – you will be pleasantly surprised………

Tasias salad

Tasia’s original salad sent to me via ‘WhatsApp’ made to the ‘Jamie Oliver’ recipe


2 thoughts on “SALADE DE COURGETTE

  1. happinessandhazelnuts says:

    Hi Lindy!

    Hope you had a great holiday in Tuscany and that the food lived up to your expectations? I imagine that you are full of inspiration now:-) I am just catching up on recent posts now as I have been so busy lately. I have a lot of courgette to use up from the garden, I almost can’t keep up with it ! So your recipe is perfect! It sounds like exactly what I need right now so much so I,m going to make it for dinner tonight:-) I have some salmon fillets that I will use to accompany it:-)


  2. lindaravello says:

    Hi Michelle – Tuscany was wonderful – we only got back late on Thursday and were off again to visit friends in Champagne before they return on Saturday to Cambodia where they work and live, so like you I have LOADS of blog posts to read!
    I shall include Tuscany in a couple of posts, I think that you would love where we stayed – watch this space!
    Ah great if I have given you one more thing to add to your 101 things to do with courgettes!
    I have just brought some fresh rosemary from my friend’s garden, so I am looking forward to using this also – salmon for us also this evening – just realised I forgot to buy broccoli – so courgette it is then x

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