To celebrate ‘A Taste of Two Cities’ now being read in 50 coucntries

A Taste of two Cities

SAM_1627 (2)

I am amazed and thrilled to announce that the Ukraine has just become the 50th country in which my blog is read! So to celebrate, I am reblogging one of my very first posts. HUGE thank you for all of you out there who have supported and encouraged me on this little journey. 

Another major difference that I had to adjust to in the way I shopped for food when I moved here was ‘The Market’

Very picturesque and romantic, and all very well if you are just mooching around having fun on holiday, but faced with this as a real shopping option caused me to break out in a sweat and come home empty-handed (or with an empty large provincial style shopping basket, or beat up old shopping trolley – if you’re going to do this, you must look the part)

market 1

This was due to a number of reasons:-

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