Alternative Paris

IMGP1448 (2)

Boots and shoes hanging across street near rue Moufftard


Bonjour tout le Monde.

Not my usual style of post I know (What no food!), but many people have posted some lovely photos of Paris recently (see ‘Life as we see it’ post on the Arc de Triomphe, if you have not already.)

So I thought that I’d put a few of my ‘alternative’ photos of in and around the ‘City of Light’.
And show it in gritty black and white. Not so picturesque as the black and white photos on my ‘Paris by Night’ post, but things that have caught my eye when I was out and about last weekend.

Hope you like it – normal service will be resumed at the weekend.

A Bientot!


IMGP1440 (3)

Messing about with Boats

IMGP1439 (2)

IMGP1446 (2)

The ‘Boat’ Lake Jardins de Luxembourg

IMGP1780 (2)

Skater Boys

IMGP1782 (3)

Bored Girls

IMGP1791 (4)

The Night Train

IMGP1422 (3)IMGP1455 (2)

Street Life

IMGP1458 (4)

The Shoe Shine Man

IMGP1442 (2)IMGP1438 (2)

Still the City of Romance

IMGP1433 (3)

Best place to take a ‘Selfie’


16 thoughts on “ALTERNATIVE PARIS

  1. lindaravello says:

    There are various photos of Paris on various posts already Lynz (and of course if you look in my ‘Paris on a Budget’ section, there are lots of photos and insights there) Look at the ‘Cake au jambon aux olives’ as there are some very typical photos of summer in the city xx

  2. Four Pesky Hobbits Mama says:

    Really love black and white photo’s, they make everything look classier. Cordelia and I are a bit obsessed with the “sepia” filter on the camera too. Beautiful photo of your daughter and son-in-law 🙂

    • lindaravello says:

      Thanks Zoe, Hope you are all keeping OK. I am abouth to start an epic four weeks in work, so I may be thin on the ground. The photo was not posed, I just snapped them at the right moment. They moved into their first house that they are buying yesterday, I so wish that I could have been there to help them……
      Just cooking a chicken tagine, it smells devine, but will be weeks in the queue before it makes it to the blog.

      • Four Pesky Hobbits Mama says:

        All good here thanks Lindy, sounds like a very busy few weeks for you, hope it all goes well though 🙂 How exciting-their first house! I’m sure you were with them in spirit, must be hard being away from them especially when things like that are happening for them. Are you planning a visit to see them soon?
        mmmm never had chicken tangine but it sounds lovely, enjoy xx

  3. lindaravello says:

    Tagine was awesome – Marc even took extra rice at the end to mop up the sauce – I used a traditional Moroccan blend of spices that I can buy here.
    I am in UK four weeks from today, for a whole week divided between my two daughters and my mother….can’t wait – haven’t seen Kate since last Christmas!

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