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Be sure to have so warm crusty baguette at hand to mop up those gorgeous juices

Well judging by all the photos that I have seen on social media sites, I must be the only person who did no stay awake until 4am to see the ‘Blood moon’ on Sunday night – I did however catch what was left of it at 7am on Monday morning…….

IMGP3034 (2)

The morning after with the moon surrounded by the remnants of a little pink halo

The moon waxes and wanes governing the tides and in some cases moods. It is associated with magic and romance and has inspired countless songs.
I know that you are all now thinking of songs with ‘moon’ in their title……. My own favourites are ‘Moondance’ by Van Morrison, ‘Dancing in the moonlight’ by Thin Lizzy (there is another song by the same name by ‘Top Loader’) ‘That Old Devil Moon from the corny film Finian’s Rainbow,revived more recently by Jamie Cullen and of course the eternal ‘Moon River’ who can forget a gamine Audrey Hepburn in blue jeans and pony tail strumming her guitar on the window ledge in ‘Breakfast in Tiffanys’, one of my favourite films along with ‘Moostruck’ I love the scene when the old man encourages the dogs to bark at ‘La Bella Luna’, always makes me laugh.

Here’s where I make a very tenuous attempt at a link and say that snails come out in the moonlight and leave their silvery threads trailing behind them like liquid moon dust. Not, I might add, the variety that we eat (although my daughter, Natasia, did eat a garden snail once aged two!) These are ‘farmed’ in various parts of the world, but I am only allowed to buy ‘Escargots de Bourgogne’ as I live with a Frenchman!

Now, I have to confess, that unlike my ‘moules farces’, I did not prepare these snails myself, but bought them ready prepared at probably the best frozen food store in the world ‘Picard’ But in keeping with my ‘Franglais’ theme, I would NEVER have eaten snails while I lived in the UK, but am now quite partial to them as an entrée, they are more ‘meaty’ than I imagined and not at all ‘slimy’ and delicious baked in their shells stuffed with a garlic and parsley butter.

So next time you are visiting Paris in the moonlight – give ‘Les Escargots’ a try – you might be pleasantly surprised……….

IMGP1671 (2)

Paris in the moonlight – what could be more romantic

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  1. Osyth says:

    Favourite moon song is MoonShadow by Cat Stevens. I too have embraced the snail since living in France – my daughter stared into the freezer cabinet in U last week looking for something for supper and suddenly realised she was looking at Escargot – I’ve never seen her move backwards so fast … so a little more work to do before she embraces them with me!

  2. lindaravello says:

    Ha ha ha – Ah Moonshadow – the first song that I learned to play on the guitar – I had forgotten that one. I have his greatest hits on cd. He played a concert at Paris last winter, but the tickets were astronomical!
    I did see Damien Rice at Le Grand Rex, for a more modest price though and it was one of the best concerts that I have seen, and I’ve seen quite a few in my time!
    Did your husband used to go to ‘Erics’ (site of the old Cavern) in Liverpool?

    • lindaravello says:

      She was dressed in a little blue and white Sailor dress, and I left her in the garden for 30 seconds, if that. She came to the door crunching something with green slimy foam coming out of her mouth, I managed to retrieve the shell, but the snail was gone! I never did get all of the green stain from the lovely little dress………

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