Mozzarella, Ciabatta and Pancetta parcels

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Well the grey skies are persisting (actually more like a blanket of milky opaque white), and now they have been joined by persistent drizzle and strong wind, which is all playing havoc with my hair and most days I resemble Bridget Jones after her infamous ride in Daniel Cleaver’s open top sports car!

But my defiant mood continues and here is another ‘sunny’ little recipe, that I served as a starter to my ‘Lemon Pesto Pasta’ (see last post for recipe).

This simple little dish has been a great hit on both sides of the channel and it is my step-daughter and her partner’s favourite entrée, when they come to dinner chez nous in Paris.

This can also be eaten cold and taken on a picnic – but I don’t anticipate going on one of those any time soon……….

It is fascinating, giving the miserable weather, just how cheerful Liverpudlians are, and also given the much improved climate, just how miserable and grumpy Parisians are! But while battling the wind and driving drizzle on my way to the supermarket at the weekend, I passed three complete strangers, who all greeted me with warm ‘sunny’ smiles, whereas in Paris no-one even makes eye contact and if you smiled at a stranger you would be thought a madwoman and met with a frosty glare in response, either that or be followed home….I have experienced both!

One thing that Liverpool cannot replace though is the magnificent sunrise and sunset that I avidly photographed from my apartment there – milky opaque white is not match for fiery vermillion and gold. Here is a little reminder of what I am missing………


Now back to the food…..

Ingredients serves 4

2 balls of mozzarella

4 chunky slices of ciabatta each cut into four cubes

8 slices of pancetta (cut into two strips)

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 large clove garlic minced


Mix the olive oil and garlic together in a basin and soak the cubes of ciabatta for about two hours until the bread has soaked up the oil

Cut the mozzarella into similar sized cubes

Wrap the bread and cheese in the strips of pancetta and secure with a cocktail stick

Place them in individual dishes (3 or 4 per person as desired)

Bake in a medium oven for around 15 minutes, until the cheese has cooked and the pancetta crisp

Serve with a crisp green salad.

Simply Delicious!




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