Lindy’s Special Fried Rice

One of my most popular posts from a year ago – Happy Chinese New Year everyone. I hope it is a peaceful and healthy one for you all. Lindy

A Taste of two Cities


OK so this is neither French nor English, but with ‘The Chinese New Year’ at the weekend, what better way to welcome ‘The year of the Goat’ than with a quick and tasty fried rice………..

As I have previously mentioned, here in France there is a close link with North Africa, whereas in the UK there are close links with India and China, so you are more likely to find a ‘cous cous café’ than an Indian or Chinese restaurant. But, although there is no ‘China Town’ in the city as there is in Liverpool, this is a very multicultural place and there is a large Chinese community in the eastern districts, and most small towns surrounding the city boast a Chinese restaurant.

What is more, on the opposite end of the block to my apartment there is a Buddhist Temple and it was the delightfully tempting smells coming from its kitchen…

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10 thoughts on “Lindy’s Special Fried Rice

  1. chef mimi says:

    I’m in Hawaii right now, and there’s been a fried rice offering at breakfast that looks very similar to this. Except it has Chinese sausage as well. Delicious!

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