Easy Peasy Apple Pie!

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I do not know how it works in your country (please comment and let me know) But in the UK it has become the custom for shops to charge 5p for a plastic carrier bag (often bearing the name of the store, so in effect the customer is paying for their advertising!) in the guise of ‘saving the environment’. This is something that has long niggled me, as if they really want to save the environment they would not use plastic bags at all (are the 5p bags magically less harmful than the free ones?) And do not get me started on the amount of wasteful packaging that you have to fight your way through……….

France also had adopted this custom, but I was very happy to see that many of the larger supermarkets have ‘put their money where their mouths are’ and have removed all plastic bags, replacing them with free recyclable plain brown paper ones (like in the good old days!)

A stack of paper bags waiting to be filled with wholesome seasonal vegetables

I was however heartened to see that the many UK supermarkets are now selling boxes of ‘Wonky Veg’ – vegetables previously considered not pretty enough to make it to our dinner tables (or spoil their displays!)

France is a very waste conscious society and over the past seven years, I have become an expert on making ‘something out of nothing’ transforming ‘leftovers’ (many of which appears on ‘A Taste of Two Cities’ – maybe I should create a designated ‘leftover’ section?) Regularly on French Breakfast TV (T2) a lovely lady makes very simple dishes with food that would otherwise be thrown away.

Today’s recipe is one of those, using a few odd slices of ‘raclette’ cheese left over from a raclette the evening before (any easily melted cheese slices would do – but not the processed type)


1 circle of ready-made puff pastry (make your own if you have time, but this is essentially a quick and simple recipe)

4-6 raclette cheese slices (or whatever you have left over)

1 large/2 medium cooking apples (or any ‘sweet’ eating variety that you have left over)

2 tablespoons of runny honey

A handful of flaked almonds (optional)


Line a flan dish with the pastry and chill for 1 hour

Spread out the cheese slices on top of the pastry

Peel and core the apple(s) and spread out so that the cheese is visible through the centre of the apples

IMG_1508 (2)

Drizzle generously with the honey

Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for around 30 minutes until the pastry is cooked, the apples are golden and the cheese bubbles up thought the holes.

Sprinkle with flaked almonds and serve either warm or cold with a little crème fraiche.

Bon apetit!





10 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Apple Pie!

  1. lindaravello says:

    Makes total sense Frances – lovely to hear from you, I have not seen you on here for a while (though I have missed lost of posts as I have bee incredibly busy!) Hope that you’re ok. xx

  2. Osyth says:

    This looks delicious … scratch that – I KNOW this is delicious – it begs to be tried 🙂 Placky bags? Don’t get me started on here. The supermarkets generally have packers who put a couple of things into each bag. Interference is frowned on so I feel like a total muppet Queen as I stand idly watching the flunky do his or her stuff. The older ones are great fun but the youngsters are generally very selfconsious and worried at being caught having a laugh so they don’t react to my witty asides. As a result of this, I have a basement FULL of the blasted bags and even recycling them as poo bags for The Bean I reckon it will take at least 5 years to use them all up even assuming I never get another. Trader Joe’s is the exception – they use recyclable and rather nice paper bags with handles which instruct the bearer to per-lease recycle. And the cashier does the packing and is usually quite chuffed if you do it yourself. And boxes for wine. Progress. The liquor stores have the proper brown paper grocery bags that I associate with this country through the power of all the movies I have watched with people staggering to cars with one or two under each arm. In my area of France we don’t have the paper bags but we do have the life-time bags so you buy it and then in theory when it finally gives out they give you another. I keep mine in the car and one in the broom cupboard with all the recycling in it. I like the system. I don’t like the British system – it’s not helpful and is just another way of making the consumer pay a bit extra. In my humble opinion.

  3. lindaravello says:

    Oh NO Osyth you have burst my bubble – we must have watched too many episodes of Friends……I thought you’d be kicking the car door shut with both arms around brown paper bags bulging with groceries and cheeky peeks of celery and flowers spilling over the top…
    I HATE it when the Boy Scouts are out bag packing in the UK. I say I will give you the money, but leave me to put the heavy stuff on the bottom and squashy things on the top and wedge my eggs where they will not rattle around and it be omelette for tea again…..
    The paper bags have now replaced all those flimsy (love this word don’t you?) plastic ones that your tomatoes fall out of the bottom of.
    I have a couple of photos to e-mail you of the ‘hen-do’ I am going to d a small future post, but I’m giving Lynz, yourself and another blog buddy a sneak prevu – brace yourself Love – I was in Liverpool!!!

  4. cynthiamvoss says:

    That’s very cool about the wonky veg. I read an article last year that we may start seeing more “imperfect” vegetables in grocery stores in the US. It’s about time. You see food in its natural state at the farmers market, and hopefully soon in the mainstream grocery store too.

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