Avocado Cheese Sandwich and Bratislava!


Advocada toast 1

Between wedding planning and mini breaks to Bratislava, I have not had much time to cook, let alone write about cooking, and my life has resorted to ‘things on toast’ for lunch!
Bored with beans and sick of scrambled eggs, I looked for inspiration in my fruit bowel and found a perfectly ripe mini avocado just begging to be eaten, so I mashed it up with a tiny bit of English mustard and spread it on a thick crust of multi grained bread, topped it with a generous helping of mature English Cheddar cheese – et voila!

The result was interesting, quick, easy, very tasty and kept you going right through till dinner time………(not easy!)

Just how delicious this combo was took me completely by surprise and It has moved in pole position (I have since discovered that it is especially good served with a little rocket side salad)

Something else which took me completely by surprise this week was the little gem of a city – Bratislava. The capitol of Slovakia, Bratislava was (and still is) overshadowed by Prague, the capital of The Czech Republic and Capital of the former Czechoslovakia’ of which Slovakia formed part until the end of Russian rule in 1993.

IMG_2141 (2)

Beautiful Bratislava

There is a small, but charming ‘Old Town’ with pretty squares and little back streets, some

interesting, but not magnificent buildings, the river Danube, a castle overlooking the town and a rather strange restaurant / vantage point in the center of a bridge crossing the river which is shaped as a U.F.O.!

UFO restaurant and view point, and a glass of local wine at the top

The local food looked lovely, wholesome and meaty (mainly pork), but as my daughter is vegetarian, we ate in two of the excellent Italian restaurants, and of course indulged in the local fluffy pancakes and excellent coffee, all for very reasonable prices.


Yum yum yum

If you are a culture vulture, to be fair, there is not much to keep you occupied, but for a short break with a good book, this is the ideal place to relax, and I think perfect for a romantic weekend, strolling hand in hand through the old town, and dining in an intimate little restaurant to the strings of a violinist or string quartet, or even a jazz pianist.


Old World Charm


7 thoughts on “Avocado Cheese Sandwich and Bratislava!

  1. Jesper, The Biveros Effect says:

    We lived in Bratislava for a year and a half and really enjoyed walking around in the city. There sure is a lot to see in the city and we still need to revisit to be able to see more of the sights that we missed.

    But I never tried that toast while in the city 🙂

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