Avocado, crispy bacon and Vienna

 advocado bacon 2

Last week’s mini ‘post on toast’ was such a success that I am ‘cheating’ again…….
Staying with avocados which are amazing in the shops right now, I have zapped up the odd guacamole or two (to follow) but for today, I am featuring another sandwich (I am thinking of opening a little ‘snack’ restaurant called ‘The Hot Avocado’!

As with last week’s offering, I have linked in to a recent ‘mini-break’ that I went on with my daughter as a rest from the frenzy of wedding planning (any excuse for a ‘getaway’ the wedding is actually going to be a very low-key affair!)

IMG_2188 (2)

Lovely colourful fruit on sale in a Viennese market

So here we are in Vienna where I actually did eat something very similar to this in the wonderful food market. In general I found Vienna a bit ‘messy’ architecturally (but then I have lived in Paris, which is laid out like a theme park deliberately designed to seduce the tourists for the past seven years so that figures)

An image straight out of Cinderella

The buildings were magnificent, but most of them so close together that you had to crane your neck to photograph them. I also found the unabashed touting by strapping Viennese beaus dressed up like Mozart a bit too touristy, and a bit ‘tacky’ (Again, the classy Parisians would never dress up in tights and a frilly shirt in order to entice you into ‘Opera Garnier’!)


The best way to see Vienna’s quaint, but jumbled old town

But on the whole, it was a pleasant experience, the highlights being the horse drawn carriage ride through the old town – by far the best way to orientate yourself and see the buildings.


Viennese Cafe scene

IMG_2244Elegant Cafe Central

Café central also did not disappoint, I really was spoilt for choice (not being a huge cooked apple fan, I did not go for the traditional, famous Strudel!). The service was friendly and efficient and I did not find it overpriced.

The other highlight was seeing Klimt’s famous ‘Kiss’ in real life, but you were only allowed to take photographs next to a life size copy of the real thing, which I could not see the point of – I preferred to savour the moment …….

To savour my sandwich, I simply grilled a thick slice of home-made chilli bread. Smothered it with a whole, small, ripe avocado and served it with some well grilled dry-cured bacon and cherry tomatoes tossed in a light lime dressing.

If last week’s sandwich suited Bratislava’s down to earthiness, then this week’s puts on all the show of Vienna…….

If like me you can’t get enough of avocado – then check out my ‘Lindy’s Cod with Avocado and Tarragon Mustard’

IMGP1168 (2)


11 thoughts on “Avocado, crispy bacon and Vienna

  1. Osyth says:

    I’m very jealous – I’ve wanted to go to Vienna since being captivated by the Lipezzanas in ‘White Horses’ as a child …. you might remember it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtCNbERKvMs By the way – epic fail on getting to Liverpool on my recent visit – daughter had to come down to Oxford instead. I’m thinking of you as you count down to the wedding (I think its this weekend) and I send you much love and oodles of warm wishes for a fabulous day and a wonderful, long and happy marriage xxx

  2. lindaravello says:

    Ha ha here we go again – “On white horses let me ride away to a world of dreams so far away, let me run, to the sun…….On white horses, snowy white horses, let me ride away…..”
    Didn’t need to open the link lol.
    YES it is Saturday – getting a bit ‘Nut Bush City Limits’ here trying to organise packing for the honeymoon and all the stop overs in between.
    We shall meet somewhere, someother time…….cue for a song.
    So lovely to hear from you and I treasure your good wishes
    See you on the other side – when I will be a ‘proper little madame!
    Lindy (soon to be Viandier)

  3. Four Pesky Hobbits Mama says:

    Hi Lindy, just been catching up on your posts! Congratulations on the wedding how wonderful 😀 I hope all goes well and you have a beautiful day. Zoe xxxx

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