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Monkfish is a lovely white ‘meaty’ fish with quite a strong ‘fishy’ smell but a milder taste.
I love wrapping meat and fish in pancetta as it seals in the natural juices and stops it from drying out, while providing a lovely crispy, salty ‘jacket’.

Jackets, and indeed other garments were the subject of a 1930’s fashion exhibition at the lovely Sudley Manor in Liverpool (A post dedicated to this gorgeous old house to come later, when I am less manic with wedding preparations!)

The pink feathers are actually Flamngo and the white fur is rabbit, and the brown, stoat!

What impressed me most was the abundant use of real fur and feathers, which would not be allowed (and quite rightly so) today. I can’t think that grand ladies of Liverpool (all dresses had been worn by the wives of eminent doctors or diplomats) could have been very comfortable wearing some of these contraptions, and I am glad that I can slip into my jeans when I come home and relax


Something that I could actually see myself wearing!


Gorgeous relics of a bygone era

I simply wrapped the fish in the pancetta, drizzled it olive oil (I used ‘chilli’ oil as I like the little ‘kick’ that this gives), baked it in the oven for around 20 minutes and served with a crisp salad (If I have any left-over steamed potatoes from a previous evening’s dinner, I reheat them around the fish while it is cooking (and they go lovely and crispy with the fat from the pancetta and the oil)

Well, I have 101 things to do before Saturday, so I will leave you for the last time as a single woman and see you next week as a married one

Love to you all and thanks for following




  1. Osyth says:

    Delicious fishious! Wonderful fashions too …. now get thee gone and have a wonderful last couple of singleton days before your day of days on Saturday. I left a message on a previous post as I have been very wayward lately but if you find it it serves as my wishes for your wedding and beyond 🙂 xx

  2. lindaravello says:

    Thank you matey, I am watching the hail and gale force winds outside, and wondering how my little lacy Monsoon dress will hold out against the actual monsoon outside…….(not to mention my satin bejeweled peep toe Cinderella slippers….)
    Do you know any good weather fairies ? xx

  3. Adrian says:

    Ciao ” that dress is definitely you”
    Have a fabulous day on Saturday
    and see you here in Cetona, in the Summer

    Adrian & Fabio

    • lindaravello says:

      Thank you lovlies, can’t wait to be back – did I send you some photos of my burlesque and bubbles hen do?
      My next post is going to have the poem that is being read at the wedding tomorrow by Tasia on it, so watch out for that

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