A Big Impact

More,words of wisdom from a very old head on ypung shoulders. Loving this blog

The Bible in a Year

We don’t always realise the impact that we can have on others. Sometimes we can leave a lasting impression on someone for all the right reasons, and sometimes, unfortunately, for the wrong.

As I have delved into Exodus, the stories in the Old Testament again have been pieced together. I feel ignorant for not realising the chains and links between the stories, and only knowing the single tales on their own. They are all linked, of course they are!
This piecing together reminds me of when I first moved to Liverpool from North Wales. I knew pockets of areas such as town, the airport, Sefton Park, but I did not know the linking roads to get me from one to another without travelling home and touching base in the middle.
Liverpool has now linked itself up and I know how to get from A to B, and also when to…

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