How Old?

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‘You’re married?!’


‘How old are you?’


‘How long have you been married for?’

‘Two years.’

‘You are too young to be married.’

I am wondering how many more years of this conversation I must endure before I become a socially acceptable age to be married….

According to internet research (cough google) the average age to get married isbetween 25 and 29….but individually woman at 28 and men at 30. Congratulations to my husband he is the correct age but I fall short of societies expectations.

I should really have a stock answer. A sarcastic one. A lie perhaps? Tell them I am 16…tell them I am 56. Or perhaps that they should mind their own business? Can I please add that these comments have always been from people I hardly know, and then never spend time getting to know them any further if I am honest.

So when…

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3 thoughts on “How Old?

  1. Osyth says:

    One is never either too young nor too old to be in love. It is society that is drowning the concept of celebrating commitment by marrying in favour of using marriage as yet another excuse for the commercial machine to whir into action. Starting out together in debt and stressed to the eyeballs is not good. Good is a day filled with those that care for you, with laughter and with love. ❤️

  2. lindaravello says:

    And this is exactly what this young lady did – no big flashy show, lots of home made items and mucking in by friends and family – which is what both you and I did.
    I have been off the radar again as I had a very nasty bout of food poisoning – and my liver is taking a bit to get over it, but I am in Liverpool if you are still coming xx

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