Avocado Walnut and Bacon salad and ‘Ile Fanac’


Back on home ground in France last weekend, I spent a lazy afternoon on the sleepy ‘Ile Fanac’ close to where I live.

Wandering around this little verdant gem nestling in the river Marne at Joinville le Pont in the east of Paris, is like stepping into a bygone age. Free from traffic and hustle and bustle, you’re likely to be accompanied on your stroll by one of the resident cats, to the gentle whir of insect wings and the methodical lapping of oars hitting the water as rowers skim past hidden from sight by a curtain of Weeping willows. Puts me in mind of a poem by W.B. Yeats
“…I know the leafy paths that witches take.
Who come with their crowns of pearl and their spindles of wool,
and their secret smile out of the depths of the lake;
I know where the dim moon drifts, where the Danaan kind
Wind and unwind dancing when the light grows cool
On the island lawns, their feet where the pale foam gleams
No boughs have withered because of the wintry wind:
The boughs have withered because I have told them my dreams…”

If any of you have seen the film ‘A good year’ staring Russell Crowe, this magical place recreates that atmosphere perfectly (even down to the tennis court) all that is missing is the man himself!

As I do not have a garden, this is where I take a book and sit on a bench at the tip of the island overlooking the boats moored on the bank opposite.


All this greenery made me crave a crisp green salad, and as avocados  are abundant at the moment they seemed the perfect ingredient to compliment the island – green, gently, calming and a little exotic.

Avocados are hailed as being a superfood, having beneficial effects on the cardio vascular and digestive systems, reducing incidence of diabetes and cancer, improving liver function, and calming acne and arthritis.


I just tossed some mixed leaves in a dressing of olive oil with a little splash of chili infused olive oil and some sweet apple vinegar.
Then added some steamed new potatoes, chopped walnuts, finely sliced spring onions (green and white), a teaspoon of capers and some crispy bacon lardons (leave out for veggie option).
Top this with half a sliced avocado per person tossed in lemon juice to preserve the colour and served in small salad bowls – a taste of spring in a dish……..

Now for a little more exploring this magical place – I wonder where those steps, that door and that gate lead to……follow me



10 thoughts on “Avocado Walnut and Bacon salad and ‘Ile Fanac’

  1. Elise & Piper says:

    Hello Linda, I don’t know if you remember me, we met in a train station in Paris in 2015? I was with my husband and four children. I hope you are doing well lovely? Are you living back in Paris again?

    (My name was Zoe but I changed it at the beginning of the year legally to Elise (long story haha)) I miss reading your blog!

    I hope you are enjoying married life and all is well xx

  2. lindaravello says:

    Hi Elise aka Zoe – of course I remember you and your super family.
    Yes I am back in Paris, and loving being married. We have bought a house (a very very old house with about 6 years work) in rural France.
    I am writing a lot, but as we do not have a kitchen, I have not been doing a lot of cooking to create new posts…..I’ll get my finger out as a few people have been wondering where I have been.
    Any plans to come over – I may need help in the coming summers (and you can tell me your long story over a bottle of wine) – watch this space
    Lindy V

  3. Elise says:

    A house? Wow that is fab news. Which part of France is it in? My goodness that sounds like an amazing project-very Grand Designs. We haven’t been over to France since we visited Paris but I would love to! I recently started penpalling and have two French penpals one of whom lives in Paris and it made me think of you. I’m glad you are enjoying married life 🙂 I will look forward to reading all about your adventure with the house and hopefully I will be over to see it some time in the future for that glass of wine :)) xx

  4. lindaravello says:

    I may create a new blog for the house, or even try and get published as a book or serialisation in a French property or French life magazine.
    I am also having a nightmare with Microsoft atm as Office stopped working and when I followed their link to repair it, it wiped it, so I cannot write at all on word, they tell me to uninstall and reinstall, but there is nothing for me to uninstall, but it wont reload………..very frustrating

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