Welcome – Bienvenue!

Hello, Bonjour, Welcome and Bienvenue!

So here it is, my much request and long overdue, ‘Franglais’ cookery blog.
The two cities in question being:

My home town of Liverpool

My hometown of Liverpool  carcasonne 008

My adopted city of Paris  franghlaid

My adopted city of Paris

Before I begin, I must explain that I am not a professional photographer and you will just have trust me that the dishes look much more appetizing in real life!

Let me also point out that this is NOT a French cookery blog, before any purists out there begin telling me that this is not how you traditionally make a particular dish. This is my own style of English cooking with a French twist and French cooking with an English twist,that I have had to devise through necessity, but has, in most cases, turned out to be a success with family and friends who have sampled it.  This is above all a bit of fun………..

Most of you will know me but for anyone who has wandered on here by chance, let me introduce myself.

My name is Linda (Lindy to my friends) and I considered myself not a bad cook back in the UK (some friends’ would argue that I was in fact a good cook, but modesty prevails…..let’s just say that I never had any shortage of dinner guests…) But when I moved to Paris just over 5 years ago, my cooking skills went out of la fenetre!

This was due to a number of reasons, notably I could not find the ingredients that I was used to using back in the UK. (Believe it or not I could not buy parsnips up until a couple of years ago when they began creeping first onto the markets then into the supermarkets) And lots of ‘foreign’ produce (things needed to make an Indian, Chinese, Mexican meal for example) that I just took for granted that I could walk into any Sainsburys store and take from the shelf, was only to be found, if at all, on the small ‘foreign food’ stand in the supermarket at an extortionate price (I once paid 6 euro for a 300 grm box of red lentils at ‘La grandeEpicerie’, but have since found a nice Asian store where I can buy a 2kg plastic bag of them for 2 euro 30 centimes!)

Another reason, that took a bit of getting used to, is that the French eat seasonally. Me, being used to buying whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it, got very frustrated that fruits and vegetables appeared on the shelves one week only to disappear the next. You can, if you try hard enough, buy a mango in December, but it will cost around 4 euro and quite frankly just tastes like a potato, which is how I thought all mangos tasted before moving here!

I have now embraced this practice with gusto, and love eating ‘around the year’ having developed my own entrees, plats and desserts and look forward to my favourites coming into season, so you can join me on a culinary voyage through the seasons…….


26 thoughts on “Welcome – Bienvenue!

  1. Rachel gospel says:

    Truly tasty! I have experienced Linda’s amazing cooking when I stayed last year in June. It always left me wanting more. Tasty and elegant. Everything about the meals was attractive, the look the smell and the taste was very pleasing. ❤️

    • lindaravello says:

      Thank you sweetie, you are always such a pleasure to cook for. I also plan to post the two desserts that I made when I did the catering for your 18th birthday party – I seem to remember that they went down very well!

  2. Osyth says:

    Oh my goodness! I have to follow you …. my husband is a Scouse and my daughter is at John Moors reading Fine Arts. That coupled with the fact that I live in France (as you know) makes it beyond compulsive for me to read your posts 🙂

    • lindaravello says:

      My daughter lives in Lverpool, she studied drama at John Moores and she is a drama educationalist and also has her own company ‘The B Tales’ and is partner in Van Netton Entertainments Theatre school in the city, so she did very well after studying there.

      • Osyth says:

        Demelza lives in Kensington at the moment and on her own (had two disastrous flat shares before) but is now looking to move into a house-share … any advise gratefully received …. with students and/or young professionals. I’m impressed with your daughter – my background is representing writers and directors (I was with William Morris when God was a boy) …. good theatre directors are born, not made in my opinion.

      • lindaravello says:

        I have a flat that my daughter and her new husband are moving out of into their own home next week, but it is right the other side of the city in Gaston, but there is a bus right outside into the city centre. There is one double bedroom and another that takes a 3/4 bed, open plan kitchen/living room. secure parking, very safe and secure, modern flat, that I am repainting throughout, and tiling the bathroom floor and putting good quality flooring in the hall and living room. Brand new electric shower, washing machine and IKEA convertible L sofa in the lounge, if she is interested – or knows anyone else respectable who might be.

      • Osyth says:

        Congratulations on being a mum-in-law! I will ask her and put the word out … as I say, I inherited a large Liverpool family when I married my husband!

      • lindaravello says:

        It would be too much for her alone, but if she had a friend and was interested, it is near the airport, Southparkway train direct to Lime street and Euston, walkng distance to a retail park with all te main shops and pizza hit etc (plans for a multi screen cinema next year) Gym also within walking distance and lovely walks/cycle rides along the ‘Bund’ next to the river (there is a store for two bikes also). I have lived there myself and my daughter for two years, so no qualms about it.

      • Osyth says:

        I’ll have an ask … now enjoy your chat with daughter and cousin – I’m hitting the duvet as I only have two more days with daughter before she goes back to Liverpool and I want to be up good and early 🙂

      • Osyth says:

        Unfortunately she is struggling with the rent she is paying at the moment – we don’t give her any help over and above her loan so she works to cover the excess but I think she needs to be close in to town for the job and Uni – fares on top would be a bit much. Happy to put the word out with her friends though 🙂

      • lindaravello says:

        Yes there would be more fares. I will have no problem renting it, I go through an agency, but if it is someone known, then I reduce the rent by £125 (the fees are about £75 ) per month, but still too much for one person I think

      • lindaravello says:

        I have seen her work and was blown away for one so young. She has done a lot of directorial work with ‘Grimm Productions’ for Liverpool Pride – the only ‘straight’ person on the team – she is a bit of a gay icon……

      • Osyth says:

        I’d be really interested to see her work – I visit pretty much every time I visit England (along with Bristol for daughter number 3 and London for daughter number 1 – number 2 is in Malaysia since 2013). But Tasia’s work sounds very interesting. I am sure Demelza will be interested too

      • lindaravello says:

        She had another drama company ‘Open door Theatre’ with a friend and they have just put on an amazing production called ‘Home’ at the Lantern theatre – she was going to put on a modern producton of the book of Ruth in October, but as they are in the process of moving, that is on ice – but look on Liverpool Sound and vision website, there is an interview with her Natasia Bullock after her production of ‘Daniel’ it was awesome……I think they have reviewed quite a bit of her work, but she is concentrating on The B Tales atm – I think there is a link on you tube that you can see a promo video.

      • lindaravello says:

        Watch the video on You Tube – this was her brainchild, she also has a website explaining what they are about (it is not to preach, but to use the stories to deal with issues that kids face today) If you see the video ‘Kitty and Raj’ (the puppets) were my Xmas present to her last year!

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